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GS1-DataBar barcodes (formerly RSS)
   The GS1 DataBar symbology - formaly known as EAN.UCC Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) - is a family containing three linear symbologies and three stacked variants, known as GS1-DataBar barcodes. GS1-DataBar-14 encodes the full 14 digit GS1/EAN/UCC item identification in a linear symbol that can be scanned in any direction. GS1-DataBar Limited encodes item identification suitable for use on small items, but not for use at point-of-sale.   
   Since Codabar is self-checking, there is no established checksum digit. Should a specific application wish to implement a checksum digit for additional security, it is up to the implementer to define and handle same. However, keep in mind that other applications that read your barcode will interpret your checksum digit as part of the message itself.
   GS1-DataBar -14 Stacked is a variant which is stacked in two rows, either as a truncated version (above) used for small item marking, or as an omni-directional version (below) designed to be read by omnidirectional scanners.

  The GS1-DataBar -14 based versions encode the full 14 digit GS1/EAN/UCC item identification number and this may be prefixed with the (01) AI – although this is NOT encoded.

  The DataBar implementation uses the following Start Mode property values to specify the symbol:

Start Mode DataBar version
0 DataBar-14
1 DataBar-14 Truncated
2 DataBar Limited
3 DataBar-14 Stacked
4 DataBar-14 Stacked Omnidirectional
5 DataBar Expanded
6 DataBar Expanded Stacked
   All DataBar symbols are based on Xunit size, where the Yunit (height) is treated as a multiplier of the Xunit value.BR>The following height values should be used:
   DataBar-14: a minimum height of 33 X
   DataBarTruncated: a minimum height of 13 X
   DataBar-14 Stacked: a fixed height (top row 5X, bottom row 7X, separator 1X)
   DataBar-14 Stacked Omnidirectional: minimum height 33X (each row)
   DataBar Limited: minimum height 10 X.
   DataBar Expanded: minimum height 34 X
   DataBar Expanded may also be used in a stacked version, and the extent of stacking may be specified using the PairsPerRow property, which can range be set between 1 and 10, where 1 represents the minimum allowed width of the symbol. Again each row shall have a minimum height of 34 X.
   DataBar Expanded may be used to encode AIs in addition to the item identification number as listed below:
   (01)………(3103)…… - 6 digit metric weight
   (01)………(3202)…… - 6 digit pound weight
   (01)………(392x)…… - 3 digit price
   (01)………(393x)…… - 3 digit ISO currency code followed by price
   (01)..……..(310x)…….(yy)…….. – metric weight and six digit date
   (01)…..…..(320x)…….(yy)…….. – English weight and six digit date
   (where yy may be 11 (production date), 13 (packaging date), 15 (best before date) or 17 (expiration date).
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